Friendship by Rashmi Maurya

"So you think I like you?"


"And why is that?"

"It is pretty clear in the way you behave whenever you are around me. The way you talk to me. Not someone who is just a friend will do anything whatever you do for me"

"Okay... let's go with you are right, so now what do you want me to do?"

"To do with what?"

" With "I like you thing" You just told me and the way you mentioned it you don't look so happy about it so tell me what do you want?"

"It's not like that I don't like it but it's pretty weird to digest"

"Yeah again I will ask why is that?"



"How you can be this okay"

"Excuse me?"

"I mean I am feeling really awkard and you look so cool how is that happening?"

"May be because I know what you said was true and I do accept I never wanted you to know this but eventually you did find out. So I am just being honest and that's why I look like I am kinda cool which is not the whole truth"

"Oh! Really so what is the whole truth?"

"You think you can hear that? Because you just found out something and you don't look like you are okay with that"

"Well yeah that's true but tell me what exactly is the truth?"

"You sure?"

"Oh yes now just shoot"

"Fine! So the truth is I do like you and I knew it from the moment I saw you. When I first saw you I got mix feeling your first expression was like you are a bitch but someone I can't take my eyes away from. So I choose to avoid you as much as I can. I even had tried to mess our bonding way before it got this much developed by misbehaving or being selfish around you but I failed. We did end up being close enough to talk and become friends. I thought I would be able to not to think this way because things were really good. You have open mindset, good sense of humour, you are pretty but still I manage to stay like Friend for specific time. Now when you found out the truth by yourself, all I really want is to keep things like that way, which I don't really know GONNA be possible or not? But I don't want this friendship or bonding to be spoiled. I really want you to be happy in your life, feel good about yourself. I want you to be able to find how awesome you are. There's nothing you need to be insecure about. When I got to know that you got a boyfriend and I was able to see right from your eyes how much you love him. All I wished is you to be happy with him and get married, make your love life to reach the height you want. But still if you feel like you are uncomfortable around me because when you asked directly I couldn't lie about liking you in that way then you can do whatever you feel like doing with our Friendship. Believe me I am good in not being pain in someone's ass. I will not be around if you don't want."

"Well that was straight...."

"Yeah you ask for it! and this is what always made me to loose people exactly in the moment when I am just never ready for that. There was the time when I cursed it very much that why I always have to be alone. Why It's me who always get stuck in such complicated situations? Why I can't even consider anybody to help me out. But you know what!"


"Now I am good. I am just so good whatever I am! I don't really know why things are like these keep HAPPENING with me, but I am so okay with not even try to fix what I can't. All I do is being me and see who really can afford that. Although mostly I have seen people leaving me because they are not able to be okay with what I am. But I am good. So if you don't want to be even friends with me anymore that's okay. I totally understand."

"You know you are so complicated to understand"

"You bet"

"Well I am glad that you just became honest and don't worry nothing will change"

She left saying that....

And I was just smiling while seeing her going because I knew it already that nothing will be same now. I knew that I just lost my favorite kind of person one more time by choosing honesty over trying to fix things by lying.....

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Rashmi Maurya

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Indian Ink Writers Community

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