Did you Read that Book yet ? By Rashmi Maurya

Updated: Apr 7

"Nope, I already told ya I will read it when I will feel like. By the way why you are so concern? You never give a damn about anything." "Umm ..no There's nothing like this I was just curious so I asked."

They both were studying in same college and their bonding was always most prior topic for their classmates to gossip about but none of those two think in that way or may be just never noticed what actually was going on. Destiny is shockingly creative in making things happen as those supposed to. Same happened with Riya and Raj. There bonding was way more than friendship and they both knew this but just didn't want to spoil things between so none of them ever tried to talk about this. But one day Raj's mother started to talk about fixing his marriage and this was the perfect reason for him to put all his guts together and to tell Riya everything he ever felt for her. ,Riya had left for her hometown and they were about to meet next month.He planned everything and texted her that he has something to share with her and he just can't wait to meet. As a respond Riya also replied that she too had something to tell him and she can't wait either. He thought she had read his letter which he had wrote when he was drunk and putted in the book he had given to her. Although it happened when he was not in hi senses but he considered it as a plus point. Finally the day came when they were about to meet. From the morning he was just so restless and eager to meet so reached little early where they used to meet. His excitement just didn't let him to wait so he called her. "Hello" the male voice responded from the other side he got confused as he knew all members of her family but didn't find the voice familiar. "Whom I am talking" he asked and "You should know whom you dialed" that person replied quite rudely. He was about to disconnected that he heard Riya was asking, " It may be Raj, tell him I will be little late" and the person responded to him "you already heard what she said by the way I am her husband I will be pleased if you will make me hear your precious voice. I already had seen your name I was just teasing you. Hope you didn't mind." "No, no There's nothing like this." He was so shocked that he couldn't say anything else. " Okay, well she will be there in half an hour. Bye as I am little busy here with her phone."

Riya's husband disconnected after saying this. Raj felt someone stabbed straight in his heart. Raj couldn't afford staying in the kaffee and came back to home without seeing Riya. When Riya reached there and didn't found him at the place they met, she dialed his number and phone was switched off. "How can he be this irresponsible!!" Riya yelled. But within next moment she thought may be he got mad as she couldn't invite him so she went to his home and found himself seated in his garden alone. "I can understand Raj that you are mad but Everything happened so sudden that I couldn't manage to tell you" she tried to explain by putting her hand on his shoulder. He somehow managed to hold his tears and continued by turning towards her," I can understand I was just little upset as you stole all my chances to enjoy and have my fun in your marriage." They both smiled. "let's make coffee here" She said with excitement. He noded agreely then while making coffee she continued to talk about how she and her husband met and she was so happy that she kept talking for an hour. He was drinking his heartache with every sip of coffee listening with holding all the thunder inside and hiding it under the smile . After sharing everything she wanted she asked, "This is what I have done till yet what about you?" " Missed us!" He said Then he asked," Did you read the book?" "Oh! Man I completely forget about that book. I even have forgot Where did I put it. Thanks for asking I will find and read it today as now I am completely free from all rituals and my marriage's function. Well what is that book about that you still curious?" "Everything I ever wanted!" He managed to speak somehow without letting his tears come out.

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Rashmi Maurya

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