Death by Rashmi Maurya

It happened so sudden that he couldn't afford the shock, few minutes before they both were laughing and in next moment he lost her. He was very happy person,smile was his first welcoming gesture for anyone.

But, He left his smile back in the morgue with his sister, because she was everything to him. She was his home, he never considered to witness this moment. It shook him off so bad that he locked himself in the room for two days. Everybody tried so hard but failed to get his reply or respond or make him out of that room. He was listening all the noise just didn't want to engage. All he was doing is crying and another day passed.Next morning something weird happen. Everything was extremely silent and there was a bright ray coming towards him, when he tried to look clearly he saw that it was her sister stood in the corner and she was crying too. He tried to go near her but he couldn't. He tried several time but failed. Seeing his struggle, her sister said you can't come here because you are leaving something behind and that's why I can't leave also.

"What!" He asked in his shaky voice.

"Your smile" she replied.

"That was given by you, how I can have that without you. My life is meaningless without you." He continued.

"But was it my fault that I am dead?" She asked with teary eyes.


"Then why you are punishing me like this! I can't leave and can't come back either. Do you want me to stay stuck?"

"I will never want that"

Saying that he became quiet.

He was stood confused dead silent for few minutes.

Her sister asked to look in the mirror and said ,"Then you have to continue living the way we lived till now.I am with you in every moment of your smile. If you don't want to be alone never stop smiling."

Within the moment of his smile, everything became normal and he came out of the room with new energy and liveliness. After that incident he never stopped smiling and lived his life happily ever after.

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Rashmi Maurya

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Indian Ink Writers Community

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